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Top 5 misconceptions about caring for the BEARD!

So many of us have been guilty of taking wrong advice or giving the wrong advice when it comes to growing a beard. That's okay because up until now there was not a lot of information about how to grow a #healthy beard.

After receiving plenty of bad advice ourselves we have come up with this #top5 list common #misconceptions when it comes to #beardCare.

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1). Beard oil is not for the beard

I know that it's in the name beard oil however beard oil is actually intended for the skin underneath the beard.

That's why we recommend using The extra left on the hands on the face as well. Dont get me wrong #BeardOil can be used on the beard, but it doesn't benefit it as much as it does the skin.

2). Dont wash it everyday

This may sound like a dirty habit but it's actually very unhealthy to wash your beard everyday.

It's important that the skin and is able to build up its own oils and by washing the beard every day with soap and water you're ripping away the natural essential oils produced in the skin.

Yes of course it's crucial to rinse the beard at least twice a day or whenever things get into the beard but we recommend washing the beard every other day.

Using products like MySimplyTailored oils and butters Will help keep the bacteria out between washes.

3). Don't use shampoo and conditioner

Although you may love the smell of your shampoo and the way you're conditioner makes your hair feel the pH at the top your head does not match the pH on your face. Therefor or skin burn on your face making it difficult to grow healthy and full beard. On top of that most shampoos and conditioners have #parabens #sulfates and other harming #chemicals better or just generally bad. We Recommend using a all #organic wash or soap like MySimplyTailored Beard Body & Ball wash with is conveniently designed for all the hair and the body too from top to beard to toes. Using MySimplyTailored all organic hemp based beard butter is perfect for not only styling but conditioning the beard as well.

4). Stay away from plastics

Although the cone that you find for three dollars with the pointy end may feel really nice when you're combing your #beard however the plastics cause static electricity to build within your hair and increase the chance of stressing the end of your beard which will cause flyways. We recommend using for bristle brush and a wooden comb to tame your man main.

5). Don't be afraid of the blow dryer

There's been a lot of rumors about how blowdry her skin damage the hair By simply applying MySimplyTailored beard Balm before blow drying the beard while you brush it Will allow the beard lay flat straight tamed and it will also nourish the beard while you style it with your blow dryer.

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