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Get all your Beard Care Needs Here! Get them local and support your bearded brothers!

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Get all your Beard Care Needs Here! Get them local and support your bearded brothers!


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UK Partner & Founder

Lewis Foxx

After many years of searching, MySimplyTailored was pleased to welcome Lewis Foxx to the Family late 2017. As a motivated, results-oriented collaborator, he's helped to make us what we are today.

Billy Soza

Partner and Founder

Billy Soza is an essential part of the team, and sarted MySimplyTailored in 2014 . As our Founder, He ensured that countless clients receive exactly what they need and are completely satisfied. He Always is thinking of the next big thing!

What is Beard Oil?

     Beard oil is a moisturizing and nursing treatment for the skin under the beard.  

It is all to common that companies misrepresent the use of the Beard Oil.  Most Beard Care Companies will have you believe that the oil is intended for the beard hair its self. Yes it is for the beard but not in the way off applying it to the hair, as I stated earlier it is intended for the skin. when applying the beard oil you will want to drip a few drops into your hand and rub through your fingers apply directly to the skin under the beard in a massaging manner.  At we use all organic materials starting with hemp to ensure that you get the very best treatment for your skin and your beard.  

What is Beard Butter?

   Beard Butter is not at all a beard balm. Beard Butter acts as a deep conditioner to soften and control your beard hairs while also giving you a Bit of hold to tame flyaways and shape your beard without leaving it too sticky or hard.

What is Beard Balm?

Beard balm is simply a palmaide for the beard that moisturizes, conditions, softens and helps style your beard. Most beard balms contain ingredients for softening and moisturizing and boosting growth, and a protectant (such as beeswax) for sealing in moisture. These ingredients are aimed at facilitating proper beard grooming and when naturally based, should not have negative side effects on your skin or beard. At we use all organic ingredients and always start with hemp.

SimplyTailored Beard Care

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